Carson High School Career & Technical Education

About CTE


Carson High School CTE programs provides students with technical skills that prepares them for a successful career.  The structured training each student receives gives him or her the tools needed to be successful in a job after high school and/or further his or her postsecondary education, whether technical school, two-year college, or four-year college.  Each student is encouraged to explore various areas of study and to develop the essential skills to enter today's competitive job market with confidence.

Why CTE?

Because CTE prepare high school students to transition successfully to post secondary education or getting a job after high school.  It is the beginning of a career path.  Today's workers need access to formal and informal training opportunities to be competitive in today's job market.  CTE programs are the solution for securing this training.

How is a CTE class different from other classes?

CTE teaching is hands on learning.  CTE training approximates real workplace situations, giving students real life experiences. If you are train to become an auto mechanic, you will work on engines and auto bodies under the direction of an certified instructor.  Students in web design will build web sites as part of their class experience.